Sunday, July 1, 2012

Introduction to Christian Theology

2. Revelation: All Truth is God's Truth
3. Scripture: Sacrament of Transformation
4. Scripture: The First Revelations
5. Scripture: The Final Revelation (as well as inspiration, authority, etc...)
6. Wesley’s Quadrilateral

7. God: Creator out of Nothing
8. God: Three in One
9. God: Love and Freedom
10. God: Eternity and Foreknowledge
11. God: Justice
12. Arguments for the Existence of God

13. Creation: “It Was Good”
14. The Fall of Satan and Adam
15. Israel: God’s First Normandy Invasion

16. Christ: Fully Divine
17. Christ: Fully Human
18. Jesus of History-Christ of Faith
19. Christ: Resurrected and Enthroned
20. Salvation: Jesus’ Death as Satisfaction
21. Salvation: Jesus Took Our Place
22. Salvation: Jesus Conquered Death
23. Salvation: Jesus Our Example
24. Salvation: The Return of Christ
25. Salvation: The Restoration of Creation

The Spirit and the Church
26. Spirit: The Day of Pentecost
27. Spirit: Leading the Way
28. Conversion: Repentance, Faith, and Justification
29. Conversion: Baptism and Rebirth
30. Spirit: Sanctification
31. Church: The Body of Christ
32. Church: The Gifts of the Spirit
33. The Marks of the Church
34. Church: Visible and Invisible
35. Church: The Means of Grace
36. Models of the Church

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