Friday, July 6, 2012

New Testament Survey

1. The Parts of the New Testament

The Gospels
Summary of Jesus' Theology
The Gospel of Mark
The Gospel of Matthew
The Gospel of Luke
The Gospel of John


Paul's Letters
Paul's Basic Theology
1 Corinthians
2 Corinthians

Hebrews and the General Letters


2. The Jesus Plot
3. Israel at the Time of Jesus
4. How to Read the Bible
5. What is a Gospel?
6. The Gospel of Mark
7. Translations of the Bible
8. Who Chose These Books?
9. The Gospel of Matthew
10. The Story Behind the Story
11. The Sermon on the Mount
12. Jewish Groups at the Time of Christ
13. The Gospel of Luke
14. The Parables of Jesus
15. Stories of Jesus' Birth
16. The Synoptic Question
17. The Gospel of John
18. John's Unique Presentation
19. Acts: Luke's Second Volume
20. The First Days of Christianity
21. The Basic Christian Message
22. The Ministry of Paul in Acts
23. Were Christians Troublemakers?
24. An Overview of Paul's Letters
25. 1 and 2 Thessalonians
26. The Church at Corinth
27. Contemporary Issues in 1 Corinthians
28. Mutiny in Galatia
29. "Denominations" in the Early Church
30. Paul's Letter to Philippi
31. Romans: Paul's Defense
32. Contemporary Issues in Romans
33. Ghostwriting in the New Testament?
34. The Prison Epistles
35. The Pastoral Epistles
36. Women in the Earliest Church
37. The Sermon of Hebrews
38. The General Letters
39. The Prophecy of Revelation
40. The Bible as Scripture

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